April 23, 2014


Remember that time when Ben Winston called a fan’s idea for a music video cheesy? At least it was a bit more original…

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My outfit for today~ a simple & classic lolita outfit for the international lolita day 

*Jumperskirt: Bodyline & my own custom work.
*Shirt: Stradivarius.
*Brooch: handmade.
*Others: socks, cameo necklace, hair accesory and shoes are off-brand.

Please reblog if you like it ^^

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I just like to picture this:


Destroying this:


I dunno I can’t explain it

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Smart One Direction PR Moves


  • no ben winston
  • ot5 interviews
  • shoes?/?? sOcKS?? no
  • limited twitter access (we all know wHO)
  • ben winston who???? ???
  • answering questions with questions
  • i.e. “who’s your latest love interest” “who’s YOUR latest love interest”
  • a smart PR team??? idk just throwing it out there
  • actually promOTING THEIR MUSIC

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At Christmas they had three days off from each other as a band, but Louis was on the phone to H seeing what he was doing. Before then he was even saying, ‘Should we all go away at Christmas with H and Anne, as I might miss him?

Jay on ‘Larry Stylinson’ (via stuck-on-styles)

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Fire Ben Winston



Midnight Memories is A GOOD ALBUM.

Fire Ben Winston.

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strawberry layer cake with malted strawberry frosting.


strawberry layer cake with malted strawberry frosting.

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